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Monday, July 15, 2002

The Mod Squad
7/15/2002 | 5:10 PST - Jube
Popular Science has put up a five page article entitled The Mod Squad. Console games may get the big media hype, but PC games get mods! People briefly quoted in the article include Gabe Newell, John Romero, Will Wright, & John Carmack, there are plenty of references to Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Team Fortress 2. Mod makers are referred to as hackers throughout, here's one bit that I found rather amusing:

Doom invited the mod community into the tent. John Carmack, lead programmer, was a hacker who, as a teen, cracked open games to give his characters extra skills. Carmack became intrigued by the emerging mod phenomenon when he saw that someone had hacked the code of id's early shooter, Wolfenstein 3D, and replaced the Nazi bosses with dancing purple Barneys. Many versions of the Wolfenstein Barney Patch can still be found on the Web.
Read more here. (Thanks Q3Arena)

Trivial Matters
7/15/2002 | 4:50 PST - Jube
So hotshot, think you know a lot about Quake, Wolfenstein or gaming in general? Cached.Net is ready to put you to the trivia challenge! See how much you know about the game community, the competitive scene and more, as well as add trivia questions of your own to the growing database! Currently there are 48 questions available in which to test your knowledge with, the Wolfenstein questions are supposed to be added to the heap next week. It's pretty fun, here's a pair of sample questions (one of which I actually got right!):

  • What recent Robert De Niro movie shows a member of his group playing Quake3 on Q3DM10 (The Nameless Place)?

  • Quake was not designed to have Rocket jumps. John Cash discovered rocket jumping when he accidentally did one off who's head while beta testing map DM3?
      Hit Cached.Net's Trivia to see how you stack up!

      QuakeScopes Primed And Ready
      7/15/2002 | 4:26 PST - Jube
      For those of you who like to start your week off with a peek at the QuakeScopes, you'll be happy to know there's a fresh batch up, ready and waiting to guide you through another gib filled week! Find out which weapon will best suit your thirst for the ultimage frag, and then pop on over to the next page to check out the Desktop Readings to see which poor saps ended up in the spotlight this week. Is Scorpio rising? Is the moon over Saturn? Are there rings around Uranus? Find out in this week's QuakeScopes!


      Sunday, July 14, 2002

      RA3 Dream Machine
      7/14/2002 | 7:10 PST - Jube
      A new map release on Cremators Map Realm adds a little spice to the lives of Rocket Arena 3 fans today. Mozelle's Dream Machine/Child by Evil_Cremator is for RA3 and best suited to 4-10 players. Originally created for the clan Raid 9, the map is now available for download to the general public over on Cremators Map Realm.

      Time For Some PQ in Review!
      7/14/2002 | 6:11 PST - Jube
      IceStorm has sobered up long enough to give us another edition of PQ in Review, our favourite source for catching up on all the big events we may have missed out on over the past week! In this week's PQ in Review not only does the Icey one point out all the fab happenings in the Quake community, he also gets in a little smack talk on the subject of playing Pappy-R in all three versions of Quake at this summer's QuakeCon! So what does his Pappiness have to say about his upcoming IceStorm challenge? I think it goes something like this... Pappy-R: "I'm gonna fold him like a lawn chair and make him sing show tunes with a scottish accent." Eeep! Look out Ice, sounds like you're going down! Check out PQ in Review to read more!

      MultiEx Commander v3.6 Pro Available
      7/14/2002 | 4:43 PST - Jube
      Two weeks ago MultiEx Commander v3.5 Pro was released, and while it was said to be the final release, due to user demand we find the real final release v3.6 Pro available today. MultiEx Commander supports 133 game archive formats, and includes Mexs3Scriptor, the tool to use to create scripts (Binary MultiEx Script, BMS) for newly encountered game archives and effectively adding new support yourself. You can find out more out MultiEx Commander and download the 2.7 Mb package here.


      Saturday, July 13, 2002

      Get Registered
      7/13/2002 | 23:48 PST - IceStorm
      If you've got a clan and you're tired of always having to redo the information and roster then look no further. A new service (that's free...good price) just became available to the world known as ClanRegister. This service can do the whole deal when it comes to setting up who's who in your clan. From retired players, to those that have moved on, and even set it up for applications. At ClanRegister, the price is right. And so are the features.

      Another Frosty Beta
      7/13/2002 | 12:09 PST - Jube
      With Version 1.0 of haste's Ultra Freeze Tag due out next Saturday, he decided to unleash another beta version in the meantime. There are some treats in this Beta 6 version that CPMA and OSP players in particular may welcome:

      cg_trueLightning works properly, I've added correction for Quake 3's built-in 50ms lag, and there are the beginnings of per-weapon statistics. (The "/stats" command provides a subset of what it does in OSP, and I'm planning on the whole schmeer in version 1.0.)
      Unlagged players were not forgotten either, with tweaked lag compensation and plenty of other goodies added as well. Things are shaping up! Visit the Ultra Freeze Tag site to find out more and download the latest!

      Little QuakeCon Update
      7/13/2002 | 10:29 PST - Jube
      The QuakeCon 2002 site has a little note up for all those participating in the Q3 and RtCW tournaments... All participants much bring their own headphones with at least a six foot cord to use on the tournament PCs. So if you're entered into either event you'd best plan ahead to have this with you! New sponsors have also been added to the QuakeCon Site, be sure to check them out since without them an event of this magnitude would be impossible to run.

      MrLyCon at the Mic
      7/13/2002 | 10:22 PST - Jube
      Today on KoolieZ we are offered yet another interview, and in the spotlight today is MrLyCon, author of several Q3 maps including Temple of Doom, Trajecory and the recently released Neotech (Neo Nemesis). The interview discusses LyCon's mapping, CMP, and his intentions to begin work on a new mod called 'Urban Operations'. You can read more here!

      Yippee Kay-ay!
      7/13/2002 | 10:12 PST - Jube
      HomeLan Fed has roped 'n hog tied Tim "General Tso" Stetzer of the Western Quake 3 mod team to engage in a little chatter. The interview includes a look at the mod's roots, research of the Old West, and what type of features the mod will include. Here's a little taste test:

      HomeLAN: How many and what kinds of character models will you have in the mod?

      Tim "General Tso" Stetzer: We have 6 player models, which should have two skins each when were done. The skins are based on a mix of movie actors like Clint Eastwood and Lee van Cleef or real old west personalities such as Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley.
      Read more here!

      Collaborators Release
      7/13/2002 | 6:02 PST - Pappy-R
      A level created for the Quake3World Collaborative Mapping Contest by Cremator and StormShadow has been released at Cremator's Map Realm. The Q3 Dm piece of fun is aimed at a player load of 4 to 8 fraggers and offers a new bit of gothic love using custom textures. Check it out at both Cremator's and StormShadow's pages, or just scoop it from Cremator's.

      QuakeWamp 1.0 Released
      7/13/2002 | 5:29 PST - Jube
      QuakeWamp 1.0 hits the streets, a nifty little program which allows you to listen to MP3 files through WinAmp while playing a Quake engine game. The tool includes the ability to switch between songs and adjust volume via the game console, and there's even a feature which will allow you to see your CPU temperature. Games supported are Q2, Q3, RtCW, MoH:AA, JK2, and SoF2. The program was created by Joshua and today on Cached.Net you can find a short interview with Josh. QuakeWamp documentation is available here, and you can pick up the 150kb file Here on Cached.

      Time Is What We Have
      7/13/2002 | 5:15 PST - Pappy-R
      With Quake and PlanetQuake having been around for a while, we've both got history, and you can dive right in with the PQ Time Machine! Newbies can watch the roots grow and old hats like myself can do a little bit of the old "remember when" as we take a glance at what made Quake what it is today. Take a walk back through Quake history with the PQ Time Machine! How sweet it is, was...will be?

      For more news, and news archives, please visit

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